Raul Cedras

Raul Cedras

Country Ruled: Haiti

Years Ruled: 1991-1994

Current Residence: Panama


Prior to the 1994 US invasion of Haiti, White House policy was to portray Haiti leader General Raul Cedras as a ruthless dictator.  Americans were subjected to a daily display of violence under his leadership through the printed and television media.  When Bill Clinton overthrew Cedras in a US invasion of the island the violence suddenly stopped -- in the press, but not in Haiti.  A US troop presence and lifted economic embargo reduced the amount of violence but not the chaos or brutality.  Political opponents of Jean-Betrand Aristide were assassinated and spontaneous violence and unrest continued regularly.  The functioning elected parliament that had been guarded by Cedras went out of existence under United States rule and Haitians went entirely without a government.

General Raul Cedras had just one dispute with the United States to warrant the invasion.  He strongly desired new internationally supervised elections to settle Haiti's problems, but the United States insisted that Aristide must be returned to his former position of Haiti president.  Cedras had balked, arguing that Aristide's return would spark more violence and political unrest because Aristide was believed to have advocated violence against his opponents when he was president.  The US found Cedra's position unacceptable, invaded, and banished Cedras from the country.

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